I Tried The Viral Brow Charm Stencil Kit

Here's What Happened...

July 23, 2022

For all the girlies that watch IG & TikTok makeup tutorials and feel like you have more questions in the end than you did initially, this goes out to you. Sometimes, it feels like just when I think I’ve gotten the grasp of one aspect of makeup, another trend or style pops up. 

But through it all, this one thing remains, polished brows are always a must. From pomades to pencils and everything in between, as you’ve probably guessed, I’ve tried countless products on my brow journey. 

And shamelessly addicted to exploring the world of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, I have been convinced to try maybe influencer recommended products, but today, ladies, I am proud to announce that I have come across my new brow holy grail!!

Brow Charm has an eyebrow kit that includes 6 stencils (for the girlies that like to switch things up), a spongy stamp applicator and brow brush. With everything you need to shade and fill any brows, a 50% off sale and an incredible return policy (30 days, no questions?!), the only thing left to love is how the product itself works.

Naturally, I do lean thicker on the brow side, but the tail ends tend to be wider than the heads and getting those the perfect (& symmetrical) height is always a challenge so with the option of a stencil and stamp, I can stop obsessing over getting the even. The powdery formula blends so well with my natural hairs and with a finishing brush, my brows are perfection!