I Tried Out This Viral Eyebrow Stencil Kit

The New Game Changer To My Everyday Brow Routine

Aug 4, 2022

My eyebrows are the one thing I can never get perfect, you know the saying, “sister eyebrows vs twin eyebrows.” Can you guess what my eyebrows are always? Cousins. I have probably taken up to an hour trying to make my eyebrows look more closely related, but I have never succeeded. Therefore I’m always on the hunt on products and tips and tricks to help achieve symmetrical eyebrows. 

After seeing multiple youtube videos featuring this eyebrow stencil kit in beauty bloggers' everyday makeup routines, I finally caved in and ordered a Brow Charm Stencil Kit. They also had a 30-day hassle free return and exchange policy, which definitely cured my hesitation. 

Right when my package arrived, I was in the process of getting ready for a dinner party so the timing was perfect. I opened the package and the instructions were easy. I, personally, picked the color Dark Brown to match my eyebrow color the best and selected a stencil most identical to my eyebrow shape. I wanted a natural look to my brows so I applied the stamp as gently as I could inside the guiding lines. I took off the stencil and it was perfect! I did the same to my other brow and now I have ‘twin brows.’ It was super easy and took less than 5 minutes to do. This will become my everyday brow product now. 

I know my best friend has been struggling with getting the perfect brows too so I encouraged her to get one too. She ordered the color blonde and this is what she had to say about it:

"I opened the box and it came with 6 eyebrow stencils, the stamp, and 2 spoolie brushes. Seemed easy to try so I picked the stencil closest to what I wanted my brows to look like and just started stamping. I took off the stencil and brushed my brows and oddly my eyebrows looked better than I thought. Definitely better than if I just did it with an eyebrow pencil. I touched it up a bit with some gel and the edges, but I wore this all day long. There was no smudging and fading all day because it's waterproof so it checks all of the boxes for me!"

Well, the verdict is in! Two ladies, same amazing experience. We both enjoyed testing this Brow Charm Stencil Kit and will definitely use it as our everyday brow routine moving forward. It’s a total win-win. If you are in the market for getting your brows right and alike, there is no doubt but to try this Stencil Kit now!