Make Your Existing or Non-Existing Eyebrows Flawless in Seconds 

Easy to Use, Long-Lasting, Natural Look, Your Desired Shape, Fast and Hassle-free Process

When was the last time?

You woke up in the morning and were able to shape your eyebrows with a gorgeous and natural look within just minutes…

Has it been a while? Does it remain an elusive dream?

If so, then I have something exciting for you.


A much-needed Stencil kit gives you everything you need to keep your existing or non-existing eyebrows flawless.

With 6 included stencil shapes, BrowCharm's powder formula helps you fill and shape perfect eyebrows.

Here Are Some of the Incredible Benefits of this BrowCharm…

R  Long-Lasting and Waterproof – Natural and environment-friendly BrowCharm's rich, deep pigment powder maintains your full brow look throughout the day —

waterproof, sweat-proof, and long-lasting for 24 hours.

R  Innovative Design – Give yourself options and choose the eyebrow stencil according to your natural eyebrow shape or enhance thinner brows with a variety of shape alternatives.

R  Save Your Time – Because of its ease of use,  filling and shaping your brows takes less than a minute.

R  Prioritize Both Your Beauty and Health – We created the filling powder formula and eyebrow stencils with only the finest cosmetic ingredients.

"I opened the box and it came with 6 eyebrow stencils, the stamp, and 2 spoolie brushes. Seemed easy to try so I picked the stencil closest to what I wanted my brows to look like and just started stamping. I took off the stencil and brushed my brows and oddly my eyebrows looked better than I thought. Definitely better than if I just did it with an eyebrow pencil. I touched it up a bit with some gel and the edges, but I wore this all day long. There was no smudging and fading all day because it's waterproof so it checks all of the boxes for me!"

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The time is always right for flawless eyebrows with this long-lasting, natural contour stencil kit, even if you're a novice or expert. 

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