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Women everywhere are recognizing that a bold brow is everything. Whether you’re trying to achieve that natural, no-makeup look or going full glam, defining your eyebrows makes all the difference. That’s why this “Holy Grail” of brow cosmetics has sold out twice and the obsession is really, real….like all over the country real.

1. Both minimalists and maximalists agree you only need this ONE product for perfect brows.

 Ladies, it’s time to throw your hands in the air and praise the beauty gods because you can stop wasting all of your money on brow powders, pomades, waxes, pens, gels, and whatever else you’re buying (and maybe don’t know how to use) to achieve your best brow. With so many products on the market, who’s to blame you! BrowCharm is THE solution for foolproof, symmetrical brows with each application. With a quick swipe of the stamp over the stencil shape of choice, you’ll be ready to walk out the door with minimal effort and nothing but confidence.

2. Wait…defining my eyebrows can make me look younger?!

 If you’re not enhancing your eyebrows, you’re missing a major step in your beauty routine. Eyebrows can add a lot of drama to your face. Some say getting your eyebrow shape right can take years off your look and really enhance your facial features. We believe in the power of the brow! Still skeptical? BrowCharm believes so strongly in their product and for the love of the brow that they offer a generous 30 day trial and hassle free returns and exchanges so you can feel confident taking the leap to an improved and simplified beauty routine. Makeup novice and seasoned brow enthusiasts alike can’t get enough. So why are you waiting?

3. Does the sound of permanent makeup like micro blading freak you out? (But have you heard the horror stories?)

 Yeah, us too! Repeat after me, not all eyebrow artists are created equal. (Did you know in theory you don’t have to be qualified and just need a license? C-R-A-Z-Y!) Anyways, if tattooing tiny, hair like strokes on your FACE isn’t your thing, then you’re not alone. Taking the financial plunge on these costly treatments can be a big undertaking and finding the right artist can be very overwhelming. So why put yourself through the wringer when you can achieve fuller, defined brows in one easy step and with one great product. Ahem…BrowCharm anyone? The reviews don’t lie! Check them out for yourself.

4. Tried and true…its waterproof.

 You heard that right. Swim, sweat, and get caught in the rain. (Might as well throw in that pina colada, too!) BrowCharm is long lasting and they worked tirelessly on creating the perfect formula so you could do ‘all-the-things’ without smudges or fading. And when it’s time to remove, it comes off gently with makeup remover or facial cleanser which was a priority for the company when creating this product. They want you to keep those lovely hairs in place and not rip them out trying to remove your makeup. Seriously, though! You’ve probably worked hard on that shape!

Beauty Junkies have a new fan favorite. Her name is BrowCharm. Take a look at what they’re saying…


Oh my gosh! This is the product I needed; easier than what I thought. I’m so happy because I just pick my brow size and shape... The color matches perfect dark brown and it lasts all day. No struggling with brushes. Just stamp and done.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   Normy


These are great! Literally every shape you could think of. Great stencil and starting point for filling in your bare brows!... I have used this product everyday since receiving it. Application is easy and color is very pigmented! 10/10 recommend!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   Lindsay


This product is a game changer for me! I hate doing my brows. They take forever and never look the same. This product has changed that. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   Nicole

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